Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skipping Ahead into Baltimore

I promise to update you on all the events that have taken place so far, but as we have the time today I want to give you the latest now.

We had the show in Newark, DE on Saturday night, which was just incredible. The power went out just before the show was supposed to begin which made an excellent opportunity for the drummers to strut their stuff while waiting for the re-boot. After it seemed like the power was out for the evening, Michael Edward Young got the show started with his acoustic banjo blues stylings, he played some originals and some southern blues covers which kept the crowd entertained and in good spirits until the power, quite incredibly, came on just as he finished his set. Two full bands followed, Barcode Youth and Control who both have loads of talent and are forces to be reckoned with in punkrockandroll, take a look at their myspaces and websites, you will not be dissapointed. The Attica!Attica! set was a rare treat with the addition of a piano to the instrumentation, Eric the promoter secured the hardware and Aaron made excellent use of the opportunity to play some songs that usually don't get played live. I think in terms of excitement, this was the best show yet, all of the performers and the crowd were into the whole evening.

The most important thing to come out of the show however, was in the form of advice. I was told that the Rt. 40 Bridge over the Susquehanna was not open for pedestrian or bicycle crossing. Which was exactly the route we had planned on taking after spending the evening at Elk Neck State Park. Quick changes to the route were made and we switched directions inland to head over the Rt. 1 bridge at Conowingo and toward Aberdeen, MD for the night. The decision to skip the park was hard, but the scenery in rural Maryland made up for it as did the view crossing the river. We even saw the State Trooper who was working on the bridge the next day while riding into Baltimore, I think he was more surprised than we were to see him again, he wished us luck and told us we were really moving, which was nice motivation while slowly pedaling up a hill.

It has been really interesting to note the number of times we have seen people on the road more than once as our paths cross, diverge and somehow come together again for a brief moment. Its those small moments, and the many kind people who wish us luck that make me realize how small the world is and how great it can be when we work together and support one another.

On the way to my friend Colin's house, it started to downpour with about 2 miles to go, we were able to hide out in a roadside pagoda and wait it out with some bagels before continuing. Which turned out perfectly as we pulled up to his house at the same time he returned from work. We spent the evening eating delicious food at the One World Cafe, having some good local beer and generally laughing and having a good time with him and his roommates. Today it is time for internet updates, eating, getting some repairs done on the bikes and a show at the Charm City Artspace. I can't wait.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hey Brother! I love the pics and the updates. The video of the show is amazing! Keep up the goodness.


    P.S. Have you gotten any media coverage yet?

  2. Hey dudes! I was the advice giver. Glad to hear you made it around! Elk Neck is awesome but that's just an excuse to come by again sometime now. One day I'll have my own tour journal posted up on the internet, I'll hit you up with a link! Ride safe.