Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 2 began in much the same way day 1 ended, under rain and gray skies. We had a breakfast of re-hydrated hash-browns which taste a lot better than you think, although the lack of flavor did lead to a much used purchase of hot sauce and salt/pepper later in the day. This ride can be best summed up by more hills than I ever thought Connecticut had, the addition of peanut butter to our gear (which on a bagel is about the most durable packed sandwich you can have) along with more plastic bags to take care of any pannier leaks we discovered on day 1. It is hard to describe riding up steep inclines with a loaded bike and trailer, but I feel I understand what it must be like for tractor trailer engines as they drive over mountain passes a bit better.

The additional campsite feature for the day was our first campfire of the trip which was well used for gear drying and general pagan firebug enjoyment.

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