Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 7 - Into NYC

Day 7:

Riding into Queens made the questionable roads of the day before look like country roads in Connecticut. We were routed onto Rockaway parkway at one point, which if you are going at 30mph might seem ok, but at 12mph it feels like being in a small car while a mack truck rolls by doing 80. The best point of this adventure was the sidewalk we gratefully found which turned from a full width bike haven to a 6inch wide concrete path through jungle overgrowth which left a huge smile on my face and plenty of brush debris on the bikes and trailer.

Getting to the east side of the Williamsburg bridge brought contact with the best motivator we have had this trip. On the last turn before the bridge, we were stopped at a light when he asked us if we were going camping, to which we replied affirmatively and told him of our trip. This brought a huge smile to his face and caused him to talk about his love for the "free spirits who are still out there". It was great to meet someone so enthusiastic for our journey, especially when as we departed he told us "you boys have fun, I've been stuck in traffic my whole life".

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