Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1, leaving Minneapolis

Day one of the tour for me started at about 5:30am this morning, the sun was not yet up, and the air had a little humidity induced warmth to it. I packed up my bike last night with all my supplies for tour, plus some extra gear and panniers for Aaron and a backpack for the train ride to Chicago, not what I would call lite, but manageable.

Got on the bike at about 6:15 to head over to the Amtrak station in St. Paul, the first ten mile ride of the trip! Even in the early dawn hours, there were a few people out riding and jogging on the Greenway and River paths that took me most of the way there.

If you plan on taking your bike on the train, show up as early as possible, I thought I could just roll it on to the car, but with the trailer setup it was a no go. Packed quickly into a few boxes, my bike and my trailer are currently located on another car of the Empire Builder now pulling slowly into Milwaukee.

That's how it starts, with a day in Chicago to get Jon's bike set up and visit the World Bicycle Relief offices, tomorrow Jon and I take the long ride out to Boston to meet up with Aaron and get the show on the road. Come and see us Thursday the 10th at Josiah's house for the first Attica! Attica! Show of the bike tour.


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