Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 6

Day 6:
A light rain on the ride from Blydenburg County Park to Nickerson Beach, the sun peaked through the clouds just long enough to say hello and remind us of the previous days weather. We rode on some questionable highway-esque roads until we pulled into the town of Seaford which has in our collective opinion, some of the best bagels that we have tasted, the pumpernickel being the overall top prize. We took a dozen or so to keep the memories going as long as possible. The ride into the beach was uneventful and the Nickerson Beach Campground staff were very helpful, one of them had seen us earlier in the day on the questionable Highway road and we chatted about camping and riding and the previous weeks events.

The campsite, mainly set up for RV's, is right on the beach and offers easy access to the wide sands leading to the Atlantic. The other pleasant surprise, was the recently emptied beach cabanas which would have made an interesting place to crash if we had seen them sooner but still gave us a good time of exploring and photo taking, they even came with new rides!

It was great to sit by the ocean with Aaron and Jon, swap some more stories, talk about the trip ahead and listen to the waves roll in.

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  1. The beach is pretty nice, I think because it's expensive it's a little more exclusive so the beach isn't overly crowded.
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