Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Schedule

This is our daily schedule for the next few months, subject to minor changes. Please come and hang out if you can! For campsite or specific location info, just send an email. (Please note that these are not all showdates, just the places we will be each night. All show info is listed on the right side of this page.)

Wed 09/Sep 09 Boston, MA
Thu 10/Sep 09 Boston, MA
Fri 11/Sep 09 West Sutton, MA
Sat 12/Sep 09 Tollbrook, CT
Sun 13/Sep 09 Cannan, CT
Mon 14/Sep 09 Staatsburg, NY
Tue 15/Sep 09 Otisville, NJ
Wed 16/Sep 09 Wallpac Center, NJ
Thu 17/Sep 09 Pottersville, NJ
Fri 18/Sep 09 Brooklyn, NY
Sat 19/Sep 09 Brooklyn, NY
Sun 20/Sep 09 Brooklyn, NY
Mon 21/Sep 09 Brooklyn, NY
Tue 22/Sep 09 New Brunswick, NJ
Wed 23/Sep 09 Trenton, NJ
Thu 24/Sep 09 Philadelphia, PA
Fri 25/Sep 09 Philadelphia, PA
Sat 26/Sep 09 Newark, DE
Sun 27/Sep 09 Elk Neck State Park, MD
Mon 28/Sep 09 Baltimore, MD
Tue 29/Sep 09 Baltimore, MD
Wed 30/Sep 09 Washington, DC
Thu 01/Oct 09 Washington, DC
Fri 02/Oct 09 Leesylvania State Park, VA
Sat 03/Oct 09 Fredericksburg VA
Sun 04/Oct 09 Richmond, VA
Mon 05/Oct 09 Richmond, VA
Tue 06/Oct 09 Surry, VA
Wed 07/Oct 09 Norfolk, VA
Thu 08/Oct 09 Currituck, NC
Fri 09/Oct 09 Kitty Hawk, NC
Sat 10/Oct 09 Waves, NC
Sun 11/Oct 09 Hatteras, NC
Mon 12/Oct 09 Sea Level, NC
Tue 13/Oct 09 Newport, NC
Wed 14/Oct 09 Jacksonville, NC
Thu 15/Oct 09 Wilmington, NC
Fri 16/Oct 09 Wilmington, NC
Sat 17/Oct 09 Oak Island, NC
Sun 18/Oct 09 Ocean Isle Beach, SC
Mon 19/Oct 09 Murrels Inlet, SC
Tue 20/Oct 09 Moncks Corner, SC
Wed 21/Oct 09 Walterboro, SC
Thu 22/Oct 09 Garnett, SC
Fri 23/Oct 09 Statesboro, GA
Sat 24/Oct 09 Reidsville, GA
Sun 25/Oct 09 Screvn, GA
Mon 26/Oct 09 Atkinson, GA
Tue 27/Oct 09 Folkston, GA
Wed 28/Oct 09 Gainesville, FL
Thu 29/Oct 09 Gainesville, FL
Fri 30/Oct 09 Gainesville, FL
Sat 31/Oct 09 Gainesville, FL
Sun 01/Nov 09 Gainesville, FL
Mon 02/Nov 09 Gainesville, FL
Tue 03/Nov 09 Gainesville, FL

1 comment:

  1. Hey Aaron and company. Just wanted to let you know that you guys are coming within 6 miles of my apartment on the trip from Staatsburg, NY down to Otisville, NY. I live in Hopewell Junction, just to the east of Wappinger Falls, NY which you're biking through.

    If you guys want to stop by i can make sure you have a good meal, beer and a place to shower if you need it. We have a small place so i don't know if i could house you all, but i am happy to help out in any other way i can.

    I wish this was during a weekend and i could join up with you on the trip. I hoping to make your Sept 19 show in Brooklyn.

    Let me know if you want to stop through. I can make sure i'm working from home that day.

    Jeff Murphy