Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 4

Day 4, First day of our re-route. Starting out from the town of Torrington, in central Connecticut, we headed south through the urban country towards Kettletown State Park. Stopping at Riders Edge bicycle shop along the beginning of our route, I was informed of the “vicious” nature of the hills in front of us for the day. True to the owners word, I don't think that I have ridden on many steeper hills, certainly not with a loaded bike and trailer, not exactly the most enjoyable wake up, but certainly effective. After the mornings jagged profile, we settled into a much smoother ride on some of the most pleasant roads I have had the pleasure of spinning my wheels on. If you happen to be in the area, take a side journey off 220 and take the side road of lake st to white wooded rd, a well maintained road of low rolling hills through the lake strewn countryside has definitely been the highlight of our journey thus far. As we neared Kettletown, the hills of Connecticut open up to lush green valleys and fields of flowers with small houses dotting the landscape. I never imagined that parts of CN were so picturesque, as I have only previously been to the city's which bear no resemblance.

Just in case we were feeling a bit too strong, the road pitched up for our final ride into the Park, with a rewarding downhill to the registration booth and the sparkling Lake Zoar. Our campsite overlooked one of the wider sections of the lake which provided the backdrop for our clothes drying and planning for the following days ride.

Around dusk we were treated to our first camp site visitor of the trip. My dad had been hiking in the area and stopped by to share dinner and camping for the evening. It is hard to explain exactly how good a home cooked meal is when you have been riding your bike and camping for a few days, but the fact that the dinner table carried little conversation other than light mm's would seem to explain it best. Putting home made cookies into the mix and you have a meal fit for any table and a kingly feast for the campsite. Thanks Mom!


  1. Hope you guys are doing alright. Can't wait to see you in Brooklyn, Saturday.


  2. I'm so pumped for you guys. It's been way too long since I've bike toured, but hopefully next summer I'll finally be able to shirk this responsibility and get on the road. BLAKE: I'm taking CAD and fabrication classes come January. Let's build the shit out of some bike accessories! Let me know if you ever come down Austin way. Break some legs.

    Brett A