Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 8: NYC-New Brunwick

We picked up the bikes at Matt and Claire's which took a little more time than thought, due to gear re-packing, my flat tire and the logistics of getting 3 bikes and a trailer full of gear down an upper west side elevator. We then tackled our first hill of the day which came in the form of a ramp from the basement level to the street. The effort required to push the bikes up this incline reminded me of why the gearing we have in such a necessity on the trip. After we made it up the ramp, we rolled down broadway for a quick bagel, and some for the road, before heading down to the ferry.

The ferry ride across the river was a quick jaunt that left us on the banks in Jersey City, which well past rush hour we had almost to ourselves. We headed through the city towards Newark on ever busier roads, which was not a problem until we had to cross the Newark Harbor. There are few bridges that cross, and right about 0 that are fun to cross on a bike. The part that had me laughing while the trucks rolled by on rt.1-9 at 55 was the sidewalk. There was so much overgrowth and glass that it would have been sure flat tires before the bridge if you could get on it, then when the bridge crosses the harbor, it is totally clear and clean, but you would have to climb over a jersey barrier wall to get there, not exactly feasible with a 80lb bike and a trailer. We screamed in our heads, rode as fast as we could and got it over and done with as quickly as possible.

We rolled into New Brunswick on some hilly and pleasant roads, found the house where the show was held and walked down to the farmers market for some pasta and vegetables. Jon cooked up a killer feast for us and the folks trickling in for the show while one of the residents was frying up some Chicken of the Woods. If you are not familiar with COTW, it is a forest mushroom that when breaded and fried, the only way I have had it, tastes like a chicken finger, and hence the name.

The show was excellent, with Teenage Cool Kids and local rockers The Measure, keeping the crowd going until noise violation time rolled around and it was time to shut things down. With city regulations keeping the amps off for the night PJ Bond stepped up with his acoustic to continue the party. PJ is currently living out of his car and playing shows as much as possible in order to write a book at the end of his experience called Year of a Thousand Roommates which is in homage to all of the folks who come out to shows and make it worth while. If you get a chance, definitely check him out, he is a great musician and a fine human being.

After the gear was re-packed, we headed out for a short night ride over to Fid (The Measure) and Nick's (seasick) house for some backyard camping, New Brunswick style.

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  1. holy god, reading these insane bridge/city biking makes me cringe! I can only imagine what it is actually like as you are going 'shit shit shit shit shit shit shit' inside your head and cars are whizzing past. yikes!