Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nuts to you

We took 2 days and a few more miles than originally thought to get from Richmond to Norfolk. I think that when you come to a gated and closed road in the morning and a bridge that is closed, and on a naval base, in the afternoon, it becomes clear that sometimes the GPS is more of a handy reference tool than a Sherpa guide. Both days were beautiful, with just a short bit of rain on the ride into Norfolk.

Both days were ridden on roads surrounded by green and yellow plants which we figured out were Peanuts not quite ready for our energy bars or g.o.r.p. I have never spent time in this part of the country and it was incredible to see all of the plants and spend some riding time guessing about what they were before figuring it out. This weeks food goal, boiled peanuts, I have heard mixed reviews, but a local vegan food staple? I'm in for a taste.

Oh, and the Richmond show? Full of energy and good people, an un-advertised house show, due to the possibility if shut down, had 4 bands rocking Carl's living room and singing loudly into the night. Harris, brought smooth acoustic style to get the crowd warmed up with originals, good humor and an occasional Boss reference before Aaron and Pedals On Our Pirate Ships took over. When you see someone singing at full volume, and well, in a living room it is an impressive sight. Aaron was playing his heart out and from the faces and reactions of the crowd he touched quite a few of them. POOPS took over and continued the full bore vocal vibe with singer/guitarista Matt, Adrianne on Melodica and vocals, and Louis on the coctail kit and yells. If you want to see a band with great songs and chemistry to match, do your self a favor and check them out. Matt is also a total doppelganger for my friend Knobbe, also Matt, from Santa Cruz. I don't know if Richmond Matt is handy with a saw, but the two should get together and build a rock house and make it live up to the billing.

One thing has been made clear to me over the past few weeks, there is a serious problem with house shows getting shut down by the police. Which while I understand might be a problem from time to time, certainly do not normally necessitate the need for authoritative intervention. If you live in a house, especially if you own one, do the music arts and artists a favor and organize a show. Tell the neighbors and invite them over, make up some rules you can live with and make it happen. You and all your new friends would appreciate it.

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  1. The band is called POOPS. So funny! I had boiled peanuts at work once, didn't like it :( but they might not have made them well.