Sunday, November 8, 2009

The florida you've probably never seen

Aaron and I spent the last few riding days on beautiful rolling hills in central florida, surrounded bu trees, green everywhere and plenty of horses, goats and cows. It was absolutely gorgeous and a reminder to both of us that there is always something you didn't expect, in every state. We have also been fortunate enough to travel on a few of the many bike paths in florida, which is a great way to relax a bit more and get to hang out with the birds and turtles.

A lesson was learned at our campsite, you may have read a bulletin or tow about how raccoons can open zippers, so don't leave food in a bag out side? Well, they are true and I am one apple and some peanuts lighter because of it. Photos soon, thanks for reading.



  1. Saw two of you guys headed South on the northern section of the Legacy Trail near Sarasota around 2:45 PM this afternoon. I was on a yellow Bachetta Giro 26 and asked you for the name of your website. Found it with no trouble. Hope you guys made it to your next campsite okay. Wish I could have ridden along for a bit and possibly offered some local route-information.


  2. I have never heard that raccoons can open zippers! Crafty buggers!